I don’t even HAVE an excuse

9 Nov

…for not blogging in so long.

Currently, it’s the beginning of November (2013) and I’m in a wine bar in Newark, NJ passing the time with cheap white wine and snooping on other peoples’ conversations.

I would be lying if I said that nothing worth blogging about has been happening with me and Ben. Most lately, we’ve had a bomb Halloween party that had more people at it than we thought we knew in Stockholm. I, personally, have made a decent amount of friends that I’m really going to miss when it comes time to leave Sweden (no matter how much I tend to complain about how Sweden is.)

Anyhow. This is my outdated vow to try and keep up with this blog from here on in. I could give you all the reasons (excuses) that I stopped updating the blog in the first place, but no one even cares.

Anyhow. I appreciate and love you all that have been reading the blog (even if it’s, you know, never.)



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