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First day back to work!

11 Dec

Hey all!

Just thought I’d put up a little update about how my first day back to work went! It’s been quite some time since I’ve been at a “job” that “pays me money.” It’s been nice. It’s kind of amazing how well this time off has done me mentally.

Moving here was hard at first (for all the reasons you think), and sometimes Ben and I still get a little lonely. But we’re used to doing our own thing here, and now that Ben’s grant got accepted and I have a job, things are starting to feel a lot easier (even though there’s about two feet of snow on the ground!)

I babysat two little Swedes today, 5 and 9, and they were really cute and easy to get along with. I was a little nervous about it at first because the younger of the two doesn’t speak any English, and the older one only speaks and understands a little. It was enough though, to get us through the evening. We made some Advent calendars out of origami squares (thanks for the idea, Jenn) and then we played some games upstairs. The older one beat me at chess. He has a trophy and some medals from chess competitions he’s won! I’m going to try to teach him checkers.

I received another email from Upgrades yesterday that asked if I’d like to take on an assignment tutoring a high schooler once a week in English. I told them that it sounds grand! It’ll be nice doing a variety of different things here with English because I think it will make me more marketable as an English teacher in other countries when Ben and I are done here in Stockholm.

❤ That’s really all the updates we have for now!

Val & Ben

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