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Free Swedish classes are real!

12 Oct

We have finally managed to catch a break in our journey of fitting into Swedish society without personnummers: we found free Swedish classes given at the Red Cross (Röda Kruset.)

For those of you reading because you found this online somehow and are not family or friends from the states keeping up with us, do NOT go to the Röda Kruset at Hornsgatan 54. That’s the main Red Cross, but classes aren’t held there. You have to go to the mission in Hornstull (there’s a tube stop right around the block from it, although we just walked from the main Red Cross office.) The address is Lundgatan 55, and classes are måndag och torsdag from 18:00-20:00 and tisdag och fredag 15:30-17:30. Get there ON TIME because classes fill up fast and they have limited space.

Anyhow it was super fun, we were the only people from America there, and we had to be pulled out of the bigger classroom with three others from Morocco because we couldn’t understand a lick of Swedish. I’m considering trying to find a library and begging them to trust me with a library card with no personnummer so we can check out some kids books and try to learn in between classes. OH and we saw this amazing sunset on the way from the main Red Cross office to the mission where the classes were being held.Image

It’s a tad blurry, but there were about a million people on the sidewalk that were not amused that I was stopped in the middle in everyone’s way. OWELL.

On another note: we have decided that since we can’t spend this Christmas with our families (Ben and I both are used to large family get-togethers during the holidays), we’re going to hop a train and head to the snowy, mountainous Arctic Circle for three nights. We’ll be in Björkliden in the very north of Sweden, so it’s going to take us 18 hours by train to get there, and yes, it will be dark the whole entire time we’re there. We got a deal at Hotell Fjället (Mountain Hotel) so we’ll get to have homemade, traditional Swedish Christmas dinner made for us on Christmas. (For those of you wondering about my vegetarianism, I’m going to put it aside for the evening. I’ve considered it, and I might not ever get the chance to be in that area again, so if it’s elk and reindeer they want to serve me, then I guess I’m just going to have to eat it. Hopefully there’s no blood pudding involved bc I will not be able to handle that. Sorry, Swedes.) I don’t know what all (if anything) we’re going to do while we’re there. It’s a big ski town so at least there will be guests around in the lodge, maybe we can make some pals (if our Swedish is good enough!), and I have a strong feeling that Ben is going to talk me into going dog sledding.

And hopefully we’ll finally get to see some blasted auroras!

Val & Ben

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