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19 Oct

One thing that I was super relieved to find out was a similar experience in Stockholm as it is in Pittsburgh is a little time of year you might know as autumn. The time when all the bright green leaves change to much more intense oranges and deep reds and leave the green grass in some visual dust – it’s pretty much my favorite. And since fall is in the air (accompanied by this gray, gray sky we’ve been experiencing here in Stockholm), I wanted to take a day and get to a park full of trees. So naturally, I google mapped parks in Stockholm and looked for one that had a buttload of trees, and also wasn’t too difficult to get to from the tube. Win! Humlegården would be my fall photo destination for the day. I had this great image in my mind that’s I’d hop off the train and walk my fifteen minutes down the street and my eyes would be greeted with a full spectrum of fall colors, and I’d have a plethora of really great, colorful pictures that would put any Pittsburgh autumn to shame.

Well that didn’t happen, Humlegården has a lot of one kind of tree planted, so they all turned yellow! Not that I was amazingly disappointed, the park there is beautiful. And I still think I got some really great shots. You can just judge fr yourself.

And now for a little history lesson on Humlegården (you didn’t think you’d get away without one, did you?)

Humlegården used to be the royal fruit garden, and the public wasn’t really allowed in it until later in the 18oos. And (Harris Grill people, you’ll love this) humle means hops! So this used to be a garden full of hops! Don’t know what happened to them but they’re not there anymore. Now it’s just a public green space with a bunch of trees and some playgrounds and a skate park and a soccer (ahem, futball) field. Anyhow, that’s it!


Val & Ben♥

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